Think Leader Instead Of A Boss

Explaining Through Thought Leadership: How To Think Like A Leader Instead Of A Boss?

Are you taken aback by the title of this article? 

Did you just sit back for a minute to think about the latest authoritative figure you have worked with?

Can you not stop wondering about the difference between a boss and a leader?

Whether you have said yes to any of these questions, or are simply wondering about the concept, then we’d like to sate your curiosity! 

By definition, a leader is more than an authority figure that distributes chores, or keeps an eye on the team! 

A leader is the captain of the ship who is responsible for keeping everyone on board. They inspire the team to succeed and contribute to every team effort they can possibly participate in. 

Understanding the difference between a boss and a leader is critical for young professionals. It keeps them informed and helps them prepare for the workforce with vigour and ambition. 

But Then, What Is A Boss?

While most people mistake the words ‘boss’ and ‘leader’ to be synonymous, we’d like to inform you that this is not the case! You have been played by semantics!

In this case of boss versus leader, a boss is an individual who delegates tasks but the leader delegates authority. A boss directs the team to climb up the wall and instructs them about the pros and cons of missing or making each step. 

Leaders on the other hand are the beaming stars every explorer looks up to on the Aztec night skies! Leaders assess the capabilities of each team member and help them climb the wall at a pace better suited for them. 

Leadership is a mindset, being a ‘boss’ is a rudimentary concept! 

What Defines A Good Leader?

Here are the key points that create a leader that wins the marathon instead of a sprint!

  • Proves To Be A Great Listener

Keeps the ear to the ground to know the whereabouts of each project, the needs of the team, and works on the ‘hows’ instead of the ‘whys’.

  • Stands By The Team

Steps in the field to help a fallen teammate instead of offering them as a token to save their own life. A true leader will defend the team for the right causes. 

  • Strives To Solve Problems

Helps you find the answers for each bottleneck instead of breathing down your neck!

  • Supports And Facilitates Change

Is a proponent of change to boost the productivity and efficiency of the team!

  • Encourages Self-Assessment

Inspires change from within!

Where Does Thought Leadership Fit In This Conversation?

Thought leaders are the experts in a field who are capable of sharing insights from their personal experiences. It is achieved individually. Yet, one can learn a lot about being a better leader from thought leaders of modern society! 

Whether it is Steve Jobs’ idea of ‘Think Different’ for Apple or Elon Musk’s genius behind Teslan Twitter, each of these moguls have taught the basic principle of valuing the team more than yourself. 

When you know how to think like a leader, you can ultimately take over the staff to mind the herd! The basic principle here is to remember that the caravan moves when the entire team is on board! 

The old saying ‘Go alone to move faster, stay with the team to go farther’ is the essence of leadership! 

Final Thoughts

Leadership is more about bringing out the best in people instead of looking your best. 

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