New Year, New Network; Sharpening Your Networking Skills for 2023

New Year, New Network; Sharpening Your Networking Skills for 2023

We’re on the brink of 2023 so it’s imperative that we align our mindsets with our goals and prepare ourselves to accomplish them as soon as that balloon drops!

In 2022, we all discovered how essential networking can be and how crucial the right network is. The right networking skills can gain you valuable connections that you can use to really leverage your success and the right network can help you build close connections with like-minded individuals that you can take with you to different stages of life!

For 2023, let’s strive to implement what we’ve learned so that we can make the most of the year ahead right out of the gate!

Here’s a recap of how to put your best foot forward when it comes to making a great first impression, associating yourself with viable people, and fostering those relationships. 

1. Reserve Your Spot

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with RSVPing for an event if you’re hopeful you can make it. Reserving your spot at an event allows the following to occur; you’re accounted for in the instance there is food, drinks, or swag at the event, other attendees can see that you’re going, you can see who else will be in attendance, it’s good practice for a professional life as most events (especially, the ones worth going to!) will require you to, and those who couldn’t make it still have the opportunity to reach out to you online.

2. Set Your Sights

Select ONLY the events that could further your pursuits. If you’re an astronaut looking to connect with rocket scientists then attending an event centered around real estate investment might not serve you much purpose! Once you’ve found a like-minded organization hosting the rendezvous for you, RSVP and make a mental list of WHO’S exact hand you want to shake. After the pleasantries have been exchanged, make a beeline for that individual and introduce yourself!

3. Strut Your Stuff 

Networking is not the time to be modest or take the back road. Shine bright like a diamond and mention everything that you feel would draw in your tribe! Be sure to come looking and feeling your best. Vibes don’t lie and no one wants to talk to someone who’s exhausted, disgruntled, biased, or unkept. If today’s not your day, don’t come! Simply follow the event goers online and connect with them there. Or, come to the next event!

With that being said, let’s continue to bridge the gap between social classes, age, gender, and race in professional industries by respecting one another’s time and efforts, being intentional in the way we move, and showing up as our best self.

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