Modern Networking 101: How To Retire Traditional Practices

Networking does not top the list of priorities for many individuals. It can be tedious, taxing, and even outright awkward if you are prone to social anxiety – like me!

The constant influx of work commitments, an academic calendar, and family commitments could collectively keep you booked for the entire month.

While one is immersed in such a tight schedule, there’s hardly any room for small talk with absolute strangers at a convention or conference of all places!

Are you a young professional trying to navigate your way through the maze of networking, building connections, and career advancement?

Have you been looking for a map that could direct you to the right road to modern networking? A road that would be far more efficient for you to reach your goals and aspirations?

If you have been afloat in any of these boats, then it’s time to hit the coast!

Despite the time, effort and energy involved, a robust professional network is crucial to your success at every stage of your career. You cannot land a job by just hiding behind a screen, submitting resumes on every online vacancy – although I wish it were that easy!

Passively tapping a few buttons is not enough to improve your credibility for a job in the fastidious, digital realm. You need to interact more, make connections, and try to remain visible. Active participation is the key to success!

You need a strong network of like-minded people and mentors to push you outside your comfort zone and gain visibility and credibility in the online realm.

As we transition from print to digital media for interactions, let’s break down modern networking and how it helps you bid farewell to the traditional printed stationery!

How To Network In The Modern World?

Networking is not all about landing a job faster than the crowd. It is an art of human interaction and emotional intelligence that helps you exceed in your interpersonal skills. It’s about giving and helping others FIRST which will in turn reap dividends for you in the future. Come on now, who believes in karma!?

As we near the beginning of another year in the 21st century, it is evident that the traditional corporate practices of printing marketing assets and hosting cocktail parties have been abandoned.

Dropping business cards on every interaction speeded up efficiency during the 20th century, but that no longer works today!

Who actually takes the time to input all the information from business cards into their contacts?

What percentage of people actually follow up with those they met the evening before?

Remember Business Cards? The Old Comrade!
Do you remember the adage ‘time is money?

Well, it fits perfectly in today’s corporate picture.

Thanks to the high-speed technology readily available for professional assistance and consequently lowered attention spans and patience. People no longer have the time to transpose the details on a business card into their contacts!

No one has the time to sort through a plethora of business cards to find the professional needed. A quick search on Google, Facebook, or even LinkedIn would be far more time-efficient!

Secondly, let’s reduce paper and ask professionals to cast aside their beloved business cards for the betterment of our earth.

BUT, at the end of the day, a business card makes it easier to collect all the necessary details about a person.

But if we no longer print them, what is the alternative?

Finding A Digital Link For The Modern Mess

Printing business cards may be out of the question, but one can still create a dynamic business profile shared with a single tap.

Shoutout to Dennis Radford, TYP member, for coming to our Dallas TYP happy hour and introducing us to Linq.

Linq App is the modern-day equivalent of business cards that uses the traditional concept with a modern twist.

All you need is the Linq Smart product, a profile, and that’s all. Once you connect the Linq device and your profile, you can share your professional details with just a tap of the card to the back of your phone (you don’t even need to open your camera and scan a QR code).

The recipient will receive links to your profile, portfolio, contact details, and everything else you’d like to share!

No. More. Transposing.

The Essential Difference In Modern Networking

Apparently, the seismic shift in mindset has created a significant gap between modern and traditional professional practices.

Take networking, for instance. Previously the world was persistent about sharing objective details like contact numbers and email addresses only to build a network. But today, things have transitioned towards stories.

Contrary to what your first thoughts may be about ‘Instagram stories’, the stories that bind the modern era together include subjective experiences that an individual amasses over the years.

The concept of connecting with like-minded people via shared stories may have originated from the prevalent corporate culture. But these interactions have been elevated to the digital plane via apps like Myngly.

Myngly is a social connection app developed by Texas Young Professionals to help young professionals, just like you, enjoy more authentic relationships and efficient networking for better career prospects.

Whether you need social connections or are scouting networking events in your surroundings, Myngly will help you find the best match for your success!

The app will be launched very soon! Head over to to sign up for early exclusive access as well as a chance to get premium access!

Final Thoughts

The worlds of technology and business are never still. Hence young professionals must adapt to the most efficient tools for communication and networking.

As the world goes digital at an accelerated pace, it is essential to make connections in the real world through stories.

Fortunately, the future of both seems bright.

With teams like TYP bridging the gap between the traditional and modern paradigms of professionalism, it is evident that young professionals have a few tricks up their sleeve to remain calm and collected as they help their members zoom through their career!

So check us out at our next TYP event – you can MYNGLY with us.