A Community of Young Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs in Texas


Membership in Texas Young Professionals is free for qualified applicants.

Texas Young Professionals is a rapidly growing forum for young professionals in their 20s to mid-40s from various industries across Texas. TYP leverages social media, such as LinkedIn to host events that foster a community of aspiring young professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our members include young investment bankers, financial planners, entrepreneurs, management consultants, , information technology professionals, real estate developers, engineers, accountants, attorneys, and commercial bankers. To join Texas Young Professionals, visit us on LinkedIn.

Membership approval is at the sole discretion of the owners and managers of Texas Young Professionals. Requests to join will be reviewed by the owners and managers of Texas Young Professionals in order to ensure the cohesion, relevant discussions and professionalism of the group. Applicants should be Texan, young and professional.