For the Love of Networking”; Introducing the Myngly App

You may have heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” Well, creators of the Myngly app are here to take that saying to the next level by allowing you to read between the lines so that you won’t blur them.

The Myngly app provides a “biz, bud, or bae” approach, giving their user community the option to seek out business partners, friends, or even dating prospects! With this creative and candid direction, users will be able to hone in on the connection that they’d like to form rather than aimlessly acquiring more “familiar strangers” for their arsenal.

Myngly is uber sophisticated, using precise geotagging technology so users can locate matches instantly! Make your meals more strategic by planning dinner at a hotspot where other Myngly matches are. Never ask, “Who’s all there?” again because you can find out from the app! To top that off, you can even see what that user is open to; business, friendship, romance, or all three!

Are you a social butterfly? Host an event on Mynlgy and invite others! Whomever was in attendance will get to network in person but even those who missed out can still chat virtually with those who checked in. Hey, there will be no myngling left behind!

The creators of Myngly have really taken the traditional way of networking and cut the corners off so that folks like you and I can build sustainable relationships in a safe, open, and inviting manner. There’ll be no more guessing who you’re going to connect with, where you’re going to connect at, or what you’re going to connect about.

Myngly is anticipated to launch in the coming months. Ready to make an instant connection? Visit to enter a few pieces of information for exclusive access. Let’s get MYNGLY!