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TYP Dallas is a growing forum of young executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals which meets every month for various events.

TYP Dallas traces its roots specifically to TYP Texas as a whole, however, it is all about Big D and the big things happening in Dallas.

In recent years TYP Dallas has made it a clear initiative to increase its presence with young professionals on the move. In doing so TYP Dallas has expanded its event offerings beyond simple networking happy hours to more intimate opportunities to engage and meet with professionals from multiple backgrounds.

Texas Young Professionals of Dallas proudly facilitates occasional business roundtable lunches with generous corporate sponsors and supports the local lunch series Marketplace Dallas. Now, through the “Thrive” initiative, we will be expanding our topics to focus on leadership, civic engagement and planning for the future.

Dallas TYP believes in a simple yet meaningful cause: welcome new young professionals to Dallas, plug young professionals into the local community, offer the venue to facilitate new friendships, and foster environments where business relationships can be cultivated and grown. It is not industry-specific, definitively age-specific, or exclusionary.

To learn more about TYP Dallas or if you would like to offer to host an exclusive roundtable lunch, contact us here.

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TYP is a rapidly growing organization with around 100K members in the State of Texas.