5 Best Ways to Ensure Authenticity in Networking

The term networking often makes many people uncomfortable and self-conscious. Meeting new people and having small talk can feel exhausting and awkward, particularly for introverts and socially anxious individuals.

However, networking can also be vital to a successful and significant professional presence. That’s why Texas Young Professionals use the Myngly app to create detailed profiles of themselves so they can get connected with other like-minded individuals with similar interests.

So, are you a young professional seeking ways to nurture your career with the right and authentic approach to networking? If so, then we have got it covered for you. Following are some of the best practices to ensure authenticity in networking.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Authenticity in Networking

As difficult and taxing as it may seem, building relationships is how most business is achieved. When you meet people, you give them a glimpse of what it would be like to work with you, and that’s what authentic networking is all about. Here are the best practices for networking without being fake or feeling unreal.

1. Be Prepared

For every networking opportunity you go to, you should be as prepared as you are for a meeting or a presentation. Put your effort into knowing who you are meeting with, and take the time to learn about them. 

2. More Listening, Less Speaking

People might soon get bored if you keep talking about yourself, keeping you from building a bond with them. On the other hand, most people love talking about themselves. So, let them talk and listen to them with genuine interest. You will observe a substantial improvement in your interactions.

3. Connect over a Shared Interest, Passion, or Skill

People tend to establish an instant bond if they have a mutual interest. It gives them something to talk about. So, when talking to someone, find a passion or a hobby that excites you both. It helps open them up to you. You can share your fascination with the subject and ask them questions so that they share their expertise with you, opening new opportunities.

4. Focus on Building Relationships

When attending a networking event, you should know that everyone present is there to talk business. Showing up with the same agenda makes you a part of the crowd, leading to no significant outcomes. To make a noticeable appearance, you must set yourself apart. Focus more on building connections, meeting new people, and cultivating relationships. Once you have made the connection, it will become easier and more effective to talk business.

5. Emphasize Giving Instead of Getting

Instead of thinking about how the other person can help you, think the other way around. When you enter a conversation with the intention of getting benefits, you can never build an authentic relationship.

Final Thoughts

The key to developing quality connections is to be yourself. Show up with a positive attitude, focused energy, and your authentic self, and you will do incredibly well — in your career and in your life.

Improve your networking skills at Texas Young Professionals by downloading the Myngly app, creating a detailed profile and attending one of our events. Get ready to achieve new heights in your career!