Developing Social Capital

Texas Young Professionals is excited to announce the launch of Thrive, an emerging leaders development program in partnership with the Lone Star Policy Institute.

Technological and social changes are disrupting commerce and our communities. Thrive will be a future-oriented conversation about innovation, economic empowerment, and resilience for tomorrow’s leaders of Texas. Our mission will be to help young professionals develop their social capital to prosper in their lives and careers.

The Thrive program will feature panels, expert speakers, discussion groups, and other learning experiences on topics like:

  • The Future of Work: How to Beat the Robots
  • The Sharing Economy: How to Survive in the Uber World
  • Economic Empowerment: Seizing Success without Permission
  • The Cities of Tomorrow: Connected, Liveable, and Open?
  • Entrepreneurship: Making Your Own Way
  • Social Capital and Connectedness
  • Leadership and Personal Success
  • Continual Learning: Keeping Up with Exponential Change
  • The New Pluralism: Making America Look Like Houston

THRIVE: Developing Social Capital
A Partnership of Texas Young Professionals and Lone Star Policy Institute.

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