About Us


New “Our Texas Future” Initiative

The world around us and the workplace is changing rapidly. This is happening at a time of social unrest. We believe it is the role of business people to be engaged in society. To provide understanding, foster civility and discourse and empower future leaders, we are launching a new initiative called “Our Texas Future”. This will be a series of round-table discussions about business, economic and social issues. The discussions will be non-partisan, but will touch on policy and social issues and how we as professionals should lead civil discussions and work toward practical solutions to today’s challenges. This generation, the generation that makes up TYP, will be in leadership positions throughout Texas in the very near future. We want to equip them for their role as leaders.

These roundtables are targeted, topical and highly interactive to make the most of every attendee’s experience. If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a round-table, or have other topic suggestions, please contact us here.

Professional Events Committee To manage all of these new endeavors, we are assembling a Professional Events Committee. The committee will be responsible for coordinating business roundtables and meetup events, as well as other activities outside the scope of our monthly Chapter happy hours. If you would like to volunteer or nominate a friend or colleague to join the committee, please email Doug McCullough.

Social Media Volunteers

To maintain the integrity of our Linkedin discussion board, we are seeking volunteers to assist with social media. To volunteer, contact us here.

Sponsorship Opportunity

TYP is a rapidly growing organization with over 68,000 members in the State of Texas. We communicate with our members through our website, social media, monthly events and frequent local email newsletters. Our members are the future leaders of Texas. Sponsoring an event or being featured on our website is a cost-effective way to advertise to our members. To inquire about sponsorship opportunities at Texas Young Professional events or to be featured on our website, contact us here.